Learning Disabilities In Adults

Learning disabilities are a common problem faced by about 10-15% of adults. Two categories of this disability are specific or general learning disabilities. Some other terms that are used for learning disabilities are learning difficulties, mental retardation, and intellectual disability. This problem is half as common in girls as in boys. General or comprehensive learning [...]


Drinking alcohol more than moderate level may increase blood pressure. Following is the details of relationship of alcohol and blood pressure. Drinking restrictions are necessary to improve hypertension Drinking restrictions are recommended in the treatment of hypertension and can also improve lifestyle-related diseases. First, I will explain the reason why blood pressure rises due to [...]

Ice Drug In Pakistan

"Ice drug" is one of the forms of methamphetamine. It is a very addictive and powerful stimulant. It is solid in nature and can be used illicitly. When methamphetamine is allowed to crystallize, it becomes solid and is known as “ ice ” methamphetamine. When the drug does not go through this additional process, it [...]

How Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Works?

The growing vulnerability to drugs abuse among subjects of different profiles creates the need to better understand the treatment for drug addicts. Overcoming this increasingly worrying problem requires different approaches. In this context, the detoxification process and therapeutic monitoring are essential stages of treatment. In this sense, find out the best alternatives to assist the [...]

Drug Addiction: Definition, Causes and Treatment

Drug addiction is a chronic brain disease. It causes a person to take drugs repeatedly, despite the harm it does. Repeated drug use can change the brain and lead to addiction. The brain changes from addiction can be long-lasting, which is why drug addiction is considered a "recurring" disease. This means that people in recovery [...]

Importance Of Drug Rehabilitation Center?

The importance of drug rehabilitation centers cannot be denied because these centers for addiction to drugs, alcohol, sedatives, among others, provide the best calm and welcoming environments as they are very necessary for effective treatment and greater chances of recovery. Although addiction treatment centers offer qualified personnel who provide accompaniment, it should be remembered that [...]

What Is Drug Rehabilitation Center?

Addictions can be understood from two levels according to their effects, namely the psychological. Likewise, they can be understood as psychophysical states that are distinguished by the continuous use of substances with the potential to generate addiction and tolerance in consumers. When the affected person is intoxicated periodically or permanently, there is a risk of [...]

How Does Drug Rehabilitation Center Works?

Addiction is one of the most common psychological and neurological diseases and, unfortunately, one of the most harmful. As it develops and expresses itself in the behavior of the person, the freedom of the individual is being reduced, and his health is deteriorating due to a radical change of priorities: if nothing is done to [...]

What Is Psychiatric Rehabilitation And It’s Types?

Mental health disorders are very real. And they impact thousands of people around the globe. Even those, that are unable to identify the root cause. The psychiatric rehabilitation will typically envelope two approaches; the actual treatment that is offered itself, and the rehabilitation process. The aspect of treatment will focus on reducing the symptoms that [...]

Psychiatrist vs Psychologist: What’s The Difference

This is a topic often debated. Wherein lies the real difference between a psychiatrist vs psychologist? Generally, people are not able to answer this question instantly. This is why this article will be explaining in detail, the vital differences between a psychologist and a psychiatrist. Psychiatrist vs Psychologist: Key Differences Psychiatrist vs Psychologist, there are [...]