What Are The Causes Of Drug Addiction?

What Are The Causes Of Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction causes a serious impact on the brain and the body of drugs addict. The term also goes under the coin name; substance use disorder. Drug addiction goes a long way in triggering behaviors that are uncontrollable, rendering a person unable to control the urges of using medication, alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs irrespective of whether they are legal or not. Addicting substances include a variety of drugs, these are nicotine, opiumalcohol, opioid drugs, and also cannabis which are considered drugs on the same range as heroin, or cocaine. Once you become addicted to a substance, you may feel as though you are compelled to use it, remaining ignorant of the damage it will do to your body, your brain, and your life in general.

Almost everyone will need help if they fall into the loop of drug addiction.

Your Environment and Drug Addiction

Just as would be the case for any other mental and physical health problems, multiple factors jump in and tend to impact the fall to drug addiction, and losing control. The factors that have been observed most frequently to contribute to the causes of drug addiction can go on to include;

  • Your Genetics. Which determine how your body and brain will react to a particular drug, and will in part be determined by all your inherited traits, those that have already been decided by your genetics.
  • The Environment. Environmental factors will include things like your access to healthcare, your exposure to a certain group of people that encourages and motivates drug abuse, type of educational opportunities, the presence of drugs in your home, among many more.


The Link Between Genetics and Drug Addiction

Genetics will proceed to contribute heavily to your drug and alcohol addiction risk – as concluded by numbers of studies and proven statistics.

Your environment plays a very significant role in the development of addiction since the environment influences behavior a lot. Listed below could be some of the environmental factors which largely contribute to the risk of drug addiction, however, they are not limited to;

  1. An Observed Absence of social support
  2. Peers using drugs
  3. A person’s Socioeconomic status
  4. Major stress, and adaptability issues
  5. Parental and familial involvement
  6. History of abuse or neglect
  7. History of compulsive behavior

It is not always an easy feat to change your environmental factors such as your highly relevant socioeconomic status, but there are numerous ways to mitigate the unfavorable environmental factors that are limiting you and begin to work towards fighting drug addiction or most importantly – prevent it from happening in the first place. One useful tactic is to delay and avoid drug use entirely. Another way could be to nurture environmental motivators for positive behavior, such as attaining a great education and throwing yourself into building a career.

drug abuse causes

The Brain and Drug Addiction

The brain is a very complex organ but is also very vital. Here are some of the changes you might view in the brain with addiction;

  1. The brain stem will be able to control basic motor functions, which include heart rate, sleeping, as well as breathing.
  2. The limbic system will control the way we experience emotional rewards and extends feelings of motivation as well as pleasure that proceed to enable us to go ahead with the day-to-day actions we must conduct to survive; in other words, we derive pleasure from simple things such as eating, drinking, exercising to ensure our survival.
  3. The cerebral cortex is the one to control the higher-level functions in the brain, which spans planning, decision-making, as well as the important function of processing sensory information.

The limbic system functions completely, aided by and with the help of these neurotransmitters, and they play perhaps the most significant role in drug addiction and the behaviors that are followed by the aftermath.

Why Will Only Certain People Become Addicted to Drugs?

Here’s why only some people tend to become addicted to drugs. In certain people, there is a greater tendency and a higher degree of vulnerability to drugs and addiction. This will leave some people more vulnerable and open to drug addiction. There is no one or single factor that will control whether you become addicted – it is not that simple, and will vary from person to person. However, here’s what is true. The higher your risk factors are, the more you at risk, and also include your behavioral and environmental habits, the greater will be your chance of becoming addicted to drugs. This rings true for all people. There are still numerous factors that you can control to avoid this from happening. The more protective factors you will have, the smaller the risk of addiction you will be facing – and that is a fact!

Risk factors and preventive factors, can both be biological or environmental.

Risks And Causes Of Drug Addiction

People that are part of any age or race can fall victim to the problem of drug addiction. The tendency to become addicted is a trait all humans share in combination. However, there are certain risk factors that would increase your chances of addiction:

  1. Family history.

    Family history is exceedingly important, and it is important to note that drug addiction does run through families – again, contributing to the genetic influence.

  2. Mental health problems.

    If you are suffering from a mental health issue or disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), amongst many others – there is a very huge chance that you may become addicted due to a weak mental state of mind, and enhanced vulnerability. This is a very serious risk factor.

  3. Lots of Social Pressure.

    Social pressure from your surrounding peers and friends is a very serious risk factor, particularly for people that are young, and in inherent danger of beginning to abuse drugs.

  4. Lack of family support or involvement.

    You cannot be lacking family support, because if your family does not take much interest in your life, you lack a supportive environment and your family largely influences your tendency towards drug addiction. In children, this could also largely be due to a lack of attention and not properly monitoring them.

  5. Excessively using drugs that are highly addictive;

    There are certain substances such as stimulants that have proven to be extremely addictive and can contribute to the cause of addiction much more readily than other substances might.

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