What Is Drug Rehabilitation Center?

What Is Drug Rehabilitation Center?

Addictions can be understood from two levels according to their effects, namely the psychological. Likewise, they can be understood as psychophysical states that are distinguished by the continuous use of substances with the potential to generate addiction and tolerance in consumers. When the affected person is intoxicated periodically or permanently, there is a risk of generating drug addiction, which in turn causes the body to require higher doses for the drugs to take effect. As soon as this happens, it is necessary to seek help from a rehabilitation center, since it will be very difficult for the affected person to abandon the drug on their own due to the withdrawal generated by stopping the use of the substance in question.

The drug rehabilitation center is any organization whose mission is to assist victims of addiction to recover and reintegrate into society.

Rehabilitation is an extremely long process that requires determination, tenacity, and courage on the part of those affected, moreover, it also requires professionals trained to treat the symptoms derived from continuous drug use. The rehabilitation centers have provided cardinal help in our country, in terms of public health, since they have been able to face the deficient services provided by the government agencies.

The first thing to do during the treatments carried out by such centers is to remove the focus that causes addiction and tolerance. After successful detoxification, the patient will go through a behavioral facet, the intention of which is to change the habits of the affected person so that they do not relapse into addiction.

If you suffer or know someone who suffers from addiction, come to us so that we can help them overcome their problem and regain the desire to live with quality. IPCRC is undoubtedly the best rehabilitation center for drug addicts in all of Islamabad.

The problem of drug addiction swept over Pakistan, and every year it continues to worsen. It causes not only degradation of the personality, makes the dependent an asocial element of society, but also contributes to the destruction of families, cripples fate, and if adequate measures are not taken in a timely manner, it ends with the death of the addict, causing unbearable mental suffering to loved ones.

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One of the most effective methods of recovery is drug treatment of drug addiction, which includes detoxification measures, restoration of healthy organ functions and coding with special drugs. As a result, drugs and their decay products are rapidly eliminated from the body, and a stable psychological effect on the addicted person is provided, motivating him to stop using.

What are the benefits of rehabilitation?

Modern drug rehabilitation center offers treatment of drug addiction which is a separate stage in the complex treatment of drug addiction, involving the implementation of therapeutic measures aimed at introducing various drugs into the addict’s body, the main purpose of which is to relieve withdrawal symptoms, to remove the residues of drugs and their derivatives from the body, and also reduce cravings.

Thanks to ultra-rapid opioid detoxification (UFOD), the patient can be completely relieved of the unbearable physical suffering caused by the refusal to take the drug;
Medicines demonstrate high efficiency in the post-detoxification period, their use is aimed at eliminating metabolic disorders, behavioral disorders and normalizing the mental state. These drugs include sedatives, hypnotics, etc. All appointments must be strictly supervised by a specialized specialist.

It has a positive effect on the treatment of the syndromic complex of a mental addiction. At the same time, psychotherapy can only carry auxiliary functions, ensuring the normalization of the psycho-emotional background, as well as the removal of the physical aspects of the manifestation of addiction.

Serve as an effective tool for anti-relapse therapy focused on patient coding using prolonged types of opioid receptor blockers.

It should be understood that drug treatment is only the first step for the patient’s recovery; the subsequent rehabilitation of a drug addict without medication plays a critical role, motivating the patient to recover and returning him to normal life in a social environment!

What is the purpose of a rehabilitation center?

As it could not be otherwise, rehabilitation center has as main objective to treat chemical dependency and restore the quality of life and health of its patients.

So, I’m not just talking about a space in which physical distancing from alcohol and drugs occurs.

The focus at the drug treatment center in Islamabad is to offer new purposes to patients and allow them to know their own limitations in the face of the disease.

It is true that relapses can happen, a hypothesis that I usually discuss with family members and friends of inmates, but I always reinforce that all the work is done to minimize the chances of this occurring.

Ultimately, it is about giving our patients back autonomy, so that they are able to make better decisions, that put them away from extreme situations.

To make all of this possible, I encourage the participation of family and friends as a fundamental part of the treatment.

What is the treatment offered in drug rehabilitation centers?

A differential of the rehabilitation clinic are the various activities carried out inside it. See below, in more detail, some of these activities:

Occupational therapy:

In this therapy, the therapist applies activities with the objective of helping the patient to overcome difficulties related to having independence in the social, educational or physical field.

Group therapy:

Here the professional therapist supervises and interacts in the conversation between patients and they exchange experiences with each other

Physical activities:

In addition to helping the patient to have better physical health, they also help to have a healthier mind. This happens because of dopamine and serotonin. Stimulated by physical activity, they are substances responsible for causing the sensation of well-being and happiness in the human brain.


Professionals specialized in matters related to chemical dependency give lectures to help and motivate patients to get rid of the disease as soon as possible. And less likely to relapse. In addition to many other benefits.

Individual monitoring:

In addition to group meetings and activities, the patient also has individual medical and therapeutic monitoring. This is because the cause of chemical dependency has origins and develops for different reasons, according to each person.

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