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Islamabad Psychiatric Clinic and Rehabilitation will primarily deal with all kind of Psychiatric illnesses. This includes various drugs addiction including ICE, Heroin, Cocaine, Alcohol, Cannabis etc. Also IPCRC drug treatment center in Islamabad provide quality assessment, care plans and arrangement all sorts of Psychiatric illnesses

Islamabad Psychiatric Clinic and Rehabilitation is a 20-bed, inpatient rehabilitation facility that will help you deal with any mental disorder, psychiatric illness, drug addiction and smoking addiction. Our goal is to help you become as independent as possible so that you can return to daily life. Psychiatrists in Islamabad lead you through your rehabilitation and treatment program. This team approach works to make sure you are getting the best possible care. Islamabad Psychiatric Clinic and Rehabilitation Center welcomes you to the involvement of your family members and encourages you to ask questions and get to know the staff. We are eager to help you with your concerns or needs.

If you or your family members have any questions or concerns regarding your treatment program, please feel free to contact us or discuss them with your nurse, therapist or case manager. We want to create a comfortable setting for you and your family.


To provide our patients with quality care, help restore their function and ability, hence making them productive for themselves, their families and the wider community.

To provide youth and families in need with integrated, evidence-based psychiatric care and psychological treatment (both Pharmacological & Psychological), delivered by professionals within a caring and compassionate environment.


To be the trusted leader in serving the Psychiatric and drug addiction Rehab needs of people recovering from their illness.

We devote ourselves to the most timely return of those we serve to a more independent, sustainable and hopeful life in the community for themselves, their families and wider community.

Honesty, Integrity, Confidentiality & Respect

  • We demonstrate these qualities with and among clients, staff, board members, volunteers, founders and related partners. They are the foundation for trusting relationships.

Competency with Compassion (Empathy)

  • Our trained professionals provide quality care based on latest International Psychiatric guidelines with empathy.

Continuous Learning & Improvement

  • Our organizational culture is focused on ongoing learning and development which is required for clients and staff to make positive progress together over time.

Partnership, Collaboration & Teamwork

  • We actively engage families, organizations and other stakeholders in providing the highest quality services and to help build a treatment system for our clients to make them a productive person for themselves, their families and wider community, keeping in line our religious and cultural values.

Dr. Shahid Akhtar

Dr. Shahid Akhtar has worked in Psychiatry for the last 30 years. He has his MBBS degree from Peshawar University in 1985-86. He has attended internal medicine course from Edinburgh(Scotland) in 1989 and has started to work in Republic of Ireland from 1990.

He has his initial training in Ireland and has worked in Dublin, Carlow, Kilkenny, Portloais and letterkenny in different branches of Psychiatry up till 1995.This includes his training in Adult Psychiatry, Old age Psychiatry, Learning disability Psychiatry, Drug addiction, Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Child Psychiatry, Liaison, Perinatal and Forensic Psychiatry.

Later on Dr. Shahid Akhtar moved to England in 1995 and has his further training in Nottingham. He has worked in different branches of Psychiatry including Old Age Psychiatry, Learning Disability Psychiatry, Drug /Alcohol addiction Psychiatry, Eating Disorders, Forensic Psychiatry and other branches of Psychiatry.