Home Care Services


The Home Care Services is a form of health care, offered at the patient’s home and characterized by a set of actions to promote health, prevent and treat diseases and rehabilitation, with guaranteed continuity of care. This type of care is according to the patient’s need and performed by different teams. When the patient needs to be visited less frequently, for example, once a month and is already more stable, this care can be performed by the Family Health / Primary Care team of your reference.

After a period of hospital stay, nothing better than having the opportunity to continue your recovery at home. In addition to the comfort of the family environment, home care protects the patient from possible hospital infections.

Our Home Care Services

The IPCRC home care services is performed by a multidisciplinary team of psychologists, therapists and psychiatrist in Islamabad according to the need at the patient’s home, accelerating recovery, the discharge process and reducing the need for readmission.

Objectives of Home Care

  • Early patient hospitalization
  • Promotion of self-care
  • Training of the patient, caregiver and family members regarding their new needs
  • Adaptation and greater autonomy of the patient and his family regarding activities of daily living
  • Health education
  • Adequacy and cost reduction without loss of quality
  • Early prevention of complications at home
  • Resuming the family bond and the home routine.

Types Of Home Care

Basic care

Patients who have controlled health problems and have physical difficulty or impossibility to move to a basic health unit. It is also available to people who need less intensive care, including nutritional recovery, less frequent visits, less need for health resources and within the capacity of all types of teams that make up primary care.

Best at Home

Patients who have health problems and physical difficulty or impossibility to move to a Basic Health Unit and who need more frequent care, health resources and continuous monitoring. The indication for home care can come from different services in the care network.

Patients who need equipment and other health resources and demand a higher frequency of care, with continuous monitoring, can also be assisted by IPCRC.