Mental Health Clinic in Islamabad


Mental Health Clinic in Islamabad

The renowned Mental Health Clinic in Islamabad specializes in the treatment of different types of psychological and mental disorders, such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, among others.

With a complete and high standard infrastructure, we have a team formed by qualified professionals, with extensive theoretical knowledge, sensitivity and empathetic ability to provide excellent service.

Among the consultations, our Mental Health Clinic in Islamabad is carried out by psychiatrists through laboratory tests, neurological and psychological tests, aiming at weighing up the possibilities of recovery to establish a therapeutic intervention plan. In addition, we apply the Mental Health Clinic in Islamabad according to the latest techniques and world trends.

We reinforce that the IPCRC Mental Health Clinic is essential to identify the symptoms and address the disorder in a more specific way, ensuring a successful recovery. For the results of the Mental Health Clinic to be accurate, psychiatrists in Islamabad have high-tech equipment, so it is possible to outline the appropriate treatment, which can include medications and psychotherapy, preventing relapses.

Contact Dr Shahid Akhtar Mental Health Clinic for a Mental Health Clinic. The drug treatment center in Islamabad committed to helping people to develop socially and personally, providing a better quality of life.


Mental Health First Aid equips individuals and organizations alike with the skill set to be able to mark out and assist people who are showing signs of developing mental health challenges, or are in the midst of a mental crisis such as panic attacks, bouts of depression, etc.
Similar to physical aid, humans can require mental aid too. Our main aim is to offer people the ability to be sensitively aware to and efficiently respond with skill when it comes to people experiencing mental, and emotional challenges.

Who Facilitates The Mhfa Training

The training is delivered by team members from IPRC, highly skilled at what they do. All our team members possess extensive experience in working with individuals and groups on a wide variety of mental health issues.

We are committed to the cause by way of;

  • Delivery and instruction of evidence-based information and intervention techniques.
  • Tailoring the delivery to the organization’s unique context and needs.
  • Using effective role plays and to construct workplace-specific scenarios for practice.

Our advanced cultural competence and deep understanding of the realities of living and working in Dubai – with the specific challenges and opportunities this creates