Comprehensive Drug & Alcohol Detox


IPCRC Drug clinic in Islamabad provides medical supervision and is one of the first stages of treatment for addiction. This transition occurs only after a medical professional carefully evaluates each client. Those who receive hospital treatment usually struggle with cravings and must be monitored at all times to prevent relapse. During hospitalization, clients can develop the skills they learned in detox to make progress in recovery. Islamabad Psychiatric Clinic and Rehabilitation Center offer an intensive drug addiction treatment program that combines psychiatric and medical treatment in an inpatient facility.

Comprehensive Drug & Alcohol Detox

The first step towards recovery from addiction begins with detox at a drug clinic in Islamabad. It lays the groundwork for a comprehensive rehabilitation program, which equips patients with all the tools required for recovery.

It can substantially prevent fatal consequences arising from the sudden cessation of use and can help the patient in practicing complete abstinence from drugs. Detoxing boosts energy levels, by cleansing the body, improving bodily functions such as digestion, enhancing the mood, and restoring peace, and order within the body. Drug clinic in Islamabad offers a drug addiction detox program which is efficient, effective, sustainable and thorough.

Drug Clinic In Islamabad Offer A Three-step Detox Program:


The ultimate goal of our detox program is physiological healing. Initially, through stabilization, and then following through a period of detoxification. Once a patient has been stabilized, the focus of the detox will shift towards monitoring and supporting certain vital processes of the body, as it begins to rid itself of the drug. This also means managing the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that are associated with the cut off period.


A team of highly trained staff is available 24/7. Simply to ensure that the patient is consistently at ease, and comfortable within their surroundings. The duration of the detox can vary, in line with the type of drug that has been used, and the person’s health status.


We strive to make our clinic your home, away from home. By providing our patients with top tier amenities, and the finest services. We truly believe that access to timely, and premium healthcare is a basic right, and should be provided to everyone.