What Is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a drug. It originates from Indian hemp plants, i.e. Cannabis sativa, and cannabis indica. The active chemical present is THC, and it is a depressant drug. Contrary to popular belief, it does not necessarily inculcate depression. Instead, they proceed to slow down the normal activity of the nervous system. When consumed in large doses, it may produce hallucinogenic effects.

How And Why Cannabis Is Used?

  • Marijuana or cannabis is smoked in the form of hand-rolled joints. Or even in a pipe.
  • Hashish will typically be added to tobacco. Which means it can be smoked, or even eaten by mixing it in edibles.
  • Hash oil will usually be spread on the tip of a cigarette, and then be smoked.
  • Cannabis, and hash, both can also be smoked in a vaporizer. Which would heat the substance to a temperature where it would begin to release its active ingredients.
  • The THC present in cannabis can be absorbed into the bloodstream by way of the walls of the lungs when smoked, or through the stomach when eaten.
  • The bloodstream will then carry the THC to the brain, mirroring a high.
  • Some species of cannabis are even used to produce hemp fiber, which is used in paper, clothing, and textiles.

What Does Cannabis Look Like?

  • Leaves from the plant will appear to be bright green in color, and have a distinctive shape which features five or seven leaves.
  • It is typically used for the mood altering effects of THC, that offer a high.
  • There exist three forms of psychoactive cannabis; hashish, hash oil, and marijuana.
  • Marijuana is the most common form, as well as the least potent. It is basically the dried leaves, and flowers of the plant.
  • Hashish on the other hand, is the dried form. It will usually appear in the form of a small block. The concentration of THC is higher, which will produce stronger effects.
  • Hash oil, as evident by the name, is a very thick, and oily liquid. That will typically appear to be brown or black in color. This is the absolute strongest form of cannabis.